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What is Social Media Marketing

Simply put, marketing on different social platforms is known as social media marketing. These platforms include Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit etc.

Why Social Media for Online Business

Can you imagine your online presence without being active on these platforms? Absolutely not. The reason is, millions of people are active in these platforms and missing it out means missing millions of potential customers. You must have seen attractive business pages on different social platforms. The reason is to create a brand image for the business and convey the messages among customers. With people becoming obsessed for these platforms, you simply can't ignore them. Effective social media marketing:

  • %Creates a brand image for your business
  • %Boosts up sales
  • %Increases your ranking in Search Engine Optimization

Why Xperts Infosoft

It seems simple to be active on these platforms. But, it is not an easy deal. Creating a business profile and make people visit that profile is a daunting task which only experts can do effectively for you. Your profile needs to have many specialties to attract visitors. This is what Xperts Infosoft does.

Our professionals are experts in creating attractive pages and business profiles to boost your brand image and returns. We have expertise in:

  • %Creating custom plug-in specific to your business
  • %Using standard as well as custom apps

For instance, a page for women wear is not worth without well-sized images and product descriptions. These are minor things but make a big difference.

Business profiles created by our team get regular likes and hits. The way we maintain and update accounts guarantees the higher growth trajectory for your business. Not only we create pages, we communicate with your customers and address to their sentiments. For more details, you can contact us at (011) 2794 2290 or drop a mail at

Some SMM Facts You Must Know!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Around 60 percent of US marketers use SMM to enhance their lead-gen.

2. 40 percent of B2B companies on Facebook report generating leads.

3.Linked generate more leads compared to Twitter and Fcebook for B2B.

4. Pinterest is the fastest growing social network.

5. 65 percent of business owners who are spending in social media are confident of getting positive returns.

Still, you think it's a business expense????? No, it's an investment that will give fruits in future. Join us and ensure business growth in less prices!