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Social Bookmarking overcomes the short comings of simple bookmarking where we used to bookmark pages in our browser. However, if the system needs to be formatted or the browser gets crashed, those saved pages will get lost.

The story is entirely different with social bookmarking. Once you bookmark pages on sites, you will be able to access those from 'any' computer having an internet access.

SEO and Social Bookmarking : Why Xperts Infosoft is Different???

From SEO point of view, it's important because bookmarking impart valuable backlinks to the site. The importance of quality backlinks in Google's eyes is well-known. This is why our team equally emphasizes on this branch of integrated SEO campaign.

However, we believe in quality and bookmark only on top rated sights. Here, it's not done by amateurs as is the case with many web development companies. As this is considered an easy task, novices are given the responsibility. We stand out of this crowd; we have a dedicated group of professionals to carry out the task.

When you bookmark any website page on bookmarking sites, some information needs to be filled and any mistake in that may prove spoilsport. This is the reason we don't take chances. We do genuine work and our clients enjoy genuine results. For more details about bookmarking practices, you can contact our team any time. We will be happy to assist you!