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What is Content Management System?

Content Management Systems are designed for dynamic websites; they offer excellent opportunities for site expansion with less efforts and time.

Dynamic websites are those sites in which design is separated from the content. It means that templates are used to define browser location of page components and content is inserted using specific tools. Designing these websites doesn't require HTML knowledge as is the case with static websites.

Static websites are maintained by writing HTLM code for each page- including the content and the layout. It's difficult to update these websites as code will need changes as and when updation will be made. In this backdrop, benefits of dynamic sites are apparent; sites can be expanded without rewriting the entire page as pages are not stored as whole but formed when accessed.

There are 2 ways to create dynamic sites: first is, writing programs manually and second is , using CMS. Obviously, using CMS is more advantageous as it significantly reduces time and efforts involved.

Custom CMS: Overcoming the limitations of Open Source CMS

CMS is much beneficial for dynamic websites, no doubt in that. However, there are limitations associated with standard open source systems- less flexibility and inadequate feature set. Though these inadequacies don't limit small businesses and sites, they may come in the way of large businesses on the verge of further expansion. For those cases, custom CMS are recommended. Of course you would get additional functionality with customized systems. But, you need to look whether you really require it or not. Why to shell out extra bucks if you can have decent performance with Drupal or Wordpress or any other system? However you may need extra set for e-commerce or any other high performance site.

Decide What's Best For You: Join Xperts Infosoft

Being a non-technical person, it may be difficult for you to decide whether you need custom one or your requirements can be decently met with open source CMS. Even if pre-built CMS is Okay for, you may not be proficient enough in handling it and building the website. Forget all these issues and rest assured, pass on your burden to our tem and chill.

Xperts Infosoft is the best web design and Development Company. Having opened the offices in many countries including India and Canada; we are in way to become the company offering the widest range of services.

As far as CMS is concerned, you needn't worry about. We have a team of professionals well-versed in handling pre-built CMS. Even if your requirements demand custom solutions, we have enough options for you.

We value our customers and work in tandem to deliver the best as per their requirements. At the same time, we maintain a fine balance between customers' imagination and practical outcomes. Our engineers are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable enough to cater to your requirements and satisfy you. Join us, you will really feel the difference!